During her career as a performing accordionist, she gradually became more dedicated to composing. She has been studying classical music at The Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo and has made a living as a touring musician within classical music, folk/trad music and music for theatre since 2002. In 2017, she finally released the album, “Hildersyn”, containing her own music composed for her ten piece folk-classical-jazz ensemble, “Ti på Taket”. That same year she also decided to apply for the one-year study in film music composition in Inland Norway, Lillehammer, by professor Halldor Krogh. There she scored her first three short films, and got the opportunity to write music for The National Radio Orchestra and for Trondheim Symphony Orchestra. In 2019 she scored music for EINAR, a documentary series directed by Erling Borgen for The Norwegian Bradcasting Corporation (NRK). 

Tillung´s knowledge within traditional music from many parts of the world, combined with her education within classical education, makes her a composer that stands out. She is also influenced by other genres, such as jazz and pop/rock, and is experimental due to electronic sound designs.


Former work: 


Gjeteren (The Shepherd) – by Brwa Vahabpur

Løvetannmamma (Dandellion Mum) – by Barbora Hollan 

Eventyret som aldri tok slutt – by Sondre De Flon


EINAR – documentary series (4x60min) of former Prime Minister, Einar Gerhardsen – by Erling Borgen / Borgen Productions

Comersials for Ekstremsportveko, the worlds biggest Extreme Sports Festival in Voss, Norway


The Sound of Voss. 20 min Music video for the region of Voss

Commission for Vossa Jazz, one of Norway´s most important jazz festivals. 1h concert with Ti på Taket.

Commision for string orchestra. 2 arrangement on traditional Hardanger fiddle tunes.

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